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History Incarnate
A chronicle of the past from a child to a man.
So I probably won't use this thing for what I said I wanted to use it for. It just isn't interesting to me to write down everything that happened even though I know it would help me in the long run and I will be frustrated I didn't do it later. Ah well. C'est la vie. I think I will keep using it for musings and things and I would like to try to keep that daily. Any daily writing is a step in the right direction (but as with all of its ilk we will see how daily it is when I am at school). I am not feeling quite so stressed about everything today as I have been the past two days. It was an awful lot of stress than made me purge that entry from my brain two days ago and the last one was fueled with much of that too. I blame Mark. Mark was sort of the lynch-pin of all of that relationship crap. He was always there. He took Mandy when she and I fell apart (not that there was ever anything there. Reading back over old journals and re-reading them as who I am now there was never anything there at all. I wish she hadn't held my fucking hand on Halloween though... that fucked with me more than anything. Mark was who I was convinced I had lost a relationship with Kira too but really Kira never wanted the relationship in the first place, she just wanted the sex I wasn't willing to give at that stage in my life. And finally he was there while he was still with Santina and I was with Bonnie. Honestly, I owe Mark quite a bit. He did his best to help with the Kira thing and after getting a chance to talk to him in a completely open and honest way he did a lot to keep her away because he knew how I felt. He also was the one who told me about the position at the keep to which I owe much of my current goals and aspirations so while I hated Mark for a little while (from Mandy to just before Bonnie) I certainly do not any more. He didn't do anything. All the failings in my relationships over the years have been me.

I think it is interesting that in the previous posting I left out Jessie. When I think about Jessie now there is nothing there and there never was. Reading over the history of my life in LJ form last night I realized there was quite a bit more there than I had remembered that came between the Mandy phase and the Kira saga. I don't really know what to make of this. I don't know if it was out of sight out of mind for the both of us but there was a serious connection there at one point. I'd like to sit her down and talk to her about it someday, though I am sure I never will. I'd love to sit down and talk to Kira too. That would be a serious laugh. As far as Bonnie goes, I feel like we would almost be the most likely to actually talk about our relationship if we were ever to sit down and talk. i don't think Jessie and I would approach it and I don't think Kira would either (though I could be wrong here) but if Bonnie and I were to sit down and talk I feel like it would be the elephant in the room we would have to address. With Kira it would be objective discussion of how I view it all now while we laugh about how naive I was. With Jessie I am genuinely curious if there was ever anything there or if I made it all up and if there was what happened to it. I just don't know. I have nothing to say to Mandy.

Anecdote time; the day I asked Bonnie to the homecoming dance which we would consider our first date and our first day dating (although it was so awkward knowing where that line was drawn at first don't even get me started on the day in between our first date and our second. Actually it's my journal, I want to tell that anecdote after also.) we were in Journalism class. I had just come off the Kira departure with the kiss goodbye (my first kiss, might I add) about a month ago, maybe a little more, and the one thing I had learned from the whole fiasco was that I wasn't going to sit idly by and let another girl slip through my fingers. It just wasn't going to happen. Anyway, we were sitting in Journalism and it was probably two weeks into September almost because I said I was going to my friend Jessie's birthday who was turning *dun dun dun dah!* 16. We had just been chatting normally but when I brought it up she went quiet. This was about 2 or 3 weeks before the homecoming dance the first week of October. When I noticed he sort of fade in happiness at the mention of Jessie I remember having a second of internal dialouge. I said "Okay, what do you have to lose? Besides... you've tried it the other way and it has never worked." So I turned around and I looked at Bonnie and I said "Are you going to homecoming?" And she said "I don't know yet, probably not." and I said "Oh, well I was hoping you were because I thought maybe you'd go with me." and her eyes went wide and she sort of drifted up to me and she was looking at me completely shocked and she said "Me?" and I said "Yeah." and she was like "Sure. Okay. Yeah. That would be awesome." and I smiled and said "cool." and on the inside I was so pumped I could hardly breathe. I had started liking Bonnie just a few days before but I had convinced myself I wasn't going to let the same old same old happen. It was, in the end however, talking about Jessie that gave me the confidence I needed to ask Bonnie out.

So the other anecdote is also a Bonnie one (I swear I didn't intend for this to happen before I got here). The night of the homecoming dance we got together awkwardly and went to the dance. We didn't talk or interact or really even look at each other because of nerves and what not. When the first slow song came on and we had a dance everything changed. She leaned into me and we were as close as we could be and for the rest of the night we didn't stop holding hands and looking at each other and talking and laughing. All the awkwardness had melted away. And when I walked her to her front door, neither of us wearing shoes because we could, I kissed her goodnight and felt myself explode with joy. If I had been alone I would have bolted full force down the street jumping and smiling and shouting. I wasn't alone. Bonnie used to talk about how she went to the other side of her door and almost fainted from excitement. It was awesome for both of us. A very rare moment in the world I think. I think it is a really good moment to associate with the good of the relationship Bonnie and I had. We were excited about it. It was something we both wanted very much at the start. There are good things all the way through it. I think another positive to it is that we would have been able to live together without a problem (in fact it was the living apart that did us in) and the night where I broke down in front of her because I just couldn't deal with the terror of not going to college and being stuck in Maine for the rest of my life. She's the only person I have ever done that with (although the timing was right).

Anyway, that was important so that I could share this. That evening (a Thursday) we had made plans for the following Saturday which was her birthday. We were going to meet in town (damn, there is an anecdote to this too.) and go for a walk. I was dropped off early and my parents left to run errands. What I was not aware of, was that one of the errands they were running was to get new phones thereby shutting off the ones we already had mere minutes before Bonnie and I were supposed to try to get connected up (In fact if I remember correctly, and I will check and see if I wrote it the first time and edit accordingly if I did, though my records are scarce on this time period (because it was good) I think I called her, got connected and then they shut the phone off). Also, it was raining. So we are both walking around, completely unaware of where the other one was with no way to communicate in the rain. However, I did find her, and despite a dinner I doubt either of us actually liked (Indian food? What were we thinking?) we had a pretty good time (that didn't turn out as long as I feared.)

The hysterical awkward interaction was the day in between. The Friday, as I remember it, was the release day for Ravnica: City of Guilds, a magic set. Mikey, Caleb, and I were at the release day tournament so we had come into town early. Now everything hadn't gotten started yet so we wanted to go walk around a bit. Now I don't remember why we went to Wild Oats, it doesn't seem like something we would do. It was probably Caleb's fault. When we arrived we bumped into Bonnie, Santinia, and some other people. At first Bonnie and I didn't know how to react. We were just like "uh. Hey." "Hi...". We all stood and talked for a while and then when we went to leave there was a really awkward hug. It was hilarious. Neither of us were really sure what was going on; the next day though, it was clear we were dating. (kinda, I still didn't know for a long time until she introduced me as her boyfriend a week and a half later. Also, we later had to decide on an anniversary date. It made sense to go with homecoming.)

Well those are my anecdotes about the beginning of my relationship with Bonnie (which all together is like one big long anecdote). I don't know where that came from, but that's fine. Also, check out all the parentheticals in this journal. Awesome.

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I wish I had kept better record of things in the past. I just feel like I did a poor job chronicling all the things I wish I had now. At the time, it seemed like it was none of anyone's business but I wish I had at least recorded things in a private entry or something. All the little squabbles I had or small fights. What they were about who said what to who and how the whole thing resolved. I feel like there is life in those conflicts. Those sorts of things define friendships and I wish I could remember what they were all about rather than just that they existed. Looking back at old journals (as I am wont to do from time to time.) I only ever recorded things when I was confused or in a bad place. When things were good and happy I never journaled about it. I really wish I had. I wish I had written everything and anything just so I would still have it now. While I am sure most of it was petty and honestly best forgotten there was much of it, I'm sure, that I wish I could still hold onto today. For example; I know Zoe and I fought several times in such a way that neither of us would talk to one another, I know I said things that would upset Bonnie for days until we eventually didn't talk about it and pretended it didn't happen, I know I had more than my fair share of fights with Santina and these are just while the journal was in use. I wish I could have recorded memories from shows, gatherings, and adventures I had with specific people aside from glossy recap. I wish I could have been more vivid. I feel like a lot of this is lost to the sands of time now. A lot of my foundation is still there, still guiding me but sometimes I might build in spite of it instead of because of it. It's a tough thing to think about, I just wish I had been more forward thinking.

With all of that said, I doubt it will change. How can I expect myself to know what is important in the future? How can I be responsible for recording things I don't know will one day be important? I think this week, I might try it. Tomorrow I will set up the record for what has come so far this week. Maybe I can get into a routine. I don't want to lose my memories any longer. I want to keep them and hold on to them. They are important to me. I regret that it hasn't happened yet.

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So I haven't used this thing since 2007. I haven't seriously used it since even before that. It's pretty incredible. I am not certain anyone reads this thing any more and perhaps that is for the best. I am feeling extremely nostalgic. I went to my friend Eric's brithday tonight and I talked to a friend of mine I haven't talked to since he graduated my second Junior year (that's kind of a lie. I talked to him on and off my senior year as he was dating Santina and I was dating Bonnie. After he broke up with her though I have not talked to him since.) I was so happy to see that he is doing well and it was amazing to be able to talk with him about things that had happened in the old days. I can't talk about that kind of stuff with anyone I talk to regularly. My friends at school don't know the circumstances around the people I knew in high school and frankly, I don't really talk to anyone else from Brunswick enough to have that kind of sit down. For Mark and I, that's kind of how we knew each other. It made sense to talk about Bonnie and Santina and the subsequent demise of both relationships. It made sense to talk about Mandy and Kira and how he was approached by them and I always saw it as Mark stealing my girls out from under me. It made sense to vent our frustrations about all of the above in every way; but boy did it drop a fucking nostalgia bomb big enough to level a thousand square miles.

Looking at things retrospectively is fascinating. Things didn't work out with Jean because she never liked me in the first place, I just misread friendship. Things never worked out with Mandy because I friendzoned myself hardcore (which is why we were holding hands when I had only known her a month but was undateable two or three months later). Things didn't work out with Kira because she and I were looking for two different things and I didn't realize it until too late (and though I would have fulfilled her wish I probably would have wound up feeling pretty lousy and it never would have led to anything). Bonnie and I lasted a long time, and although we eventually folded it was a very solid relationship up until we left for college. Sometimes I do think that maybe we were still together just because no one had done anything wrong, but I think more likely was that we both just changed so much and so rapidly and the relationship was not able to withstand the distance. We couldn't handle it, and apparently me more so. I wish I still had some kind of friendship with Bonnie; I am really upset with the way things turned out. I hate that I feel like I can't go certain places because when I see her my stomach ties up in knots, but I also hate that hers does the same thing. I hate that we were so close for two years and three months and now we can't even say hello to each other if we run into one another. It just kind of makes me sad, especially because its my fault. It is probably not even so much that I broke up with her as to how I broke up with her. I was kind of an idiot.

The funny thing is how I can sort of track my own growth and development from the end of the Mandy saga to the end of the Bonnie years. These relationships, and their control over me made me grow as a person and seeing it listed out like this is fascinating. I am writing a film script about the Kira story. I feel like this is where I did the most growing as a direct result of the girl (I obviously grew a ton while I was with Bonnie and she was a big part of that but there were a million other factors too. Graduation, a job, an apartment, college, just the premise of having a girlfriend, which was completely foreign, and the responsibility there in. It was a whole different ball of wax). I think it will be an interesting script when it is finished as I think there is a fascinating "coming of age" story in there. I need to go to bed but I just want to pint out that as of now, I have been dating Nicole for two years. For all intents and purposes, and minus a few spans of time here and there, I have been in what I would consider a relationship (though the other person might not, at least at the time) for 5 years straight. I count Kira, which is, what I think, so fascinating about the narrative because we did everything that dating people do emotionally EXCEPT share the physical bond she so desperately wanted from me. What is interesting about it is that she got into the relationship looking for the physical, I got in looking for the emotional, what we got was the emotional that couldn't quite resonate. I think it goes a step further to show that relationships are intricate and come in a lot of parts, you need all the parts to work the machine. The day I kissed Kira was the day I grew up and became capable of having an adult relationship. The day I kissed Bonnie I had formed my first one. The day I kissed Nicole I realized a lot about how relationships could be different.

That paragraph needs an ending but it is far to late and my brain is far too full to give it one so I will leave it like this. I am apparently feeling so nostalgic right now I felt the need to come talk about it here but maybe I will dust this old thing off and start recording thoughts feelings and etc. here just for the hell of it. Can't hurt anything right? Famous last words.

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10 days left of high school for me. I am so glad that is finally coming to a close. As it does so, of course I am doing a lot of reflecting on the last five years. I remembering things from Freshman year:
September 11th. I was in school that day. there were murmurs and rumblings from the students about what was going on third period in Norty's class. Neither Khalan nor I knew what was going on and when I tried to talk to someone else Norty would hush us. It wasn't until an announcement came over the intercom about the attacks on the World Trade Center and the possibility of another attack on the pentagon... the fourth flight hadn't gone down yet. Norty just kept on teaching. I remember the next period was supposed to be Math with Mr. Hutchinson. Instead we watched everything going down on the news. I remember looking down at my notebook filled with doodles expressing how excited I was about the Nintendo GameCube launching later that year and I wrote "War is coming 9/11/01" in black letters in the middle of the page. I still have that notebook.
I remember math class. Mr. Hutchinson and his lazy eye and his lazy teaching style and his lazy discipline. That clas was both fun and irritating. I remember getting stapled in the head, my shoes on top of lights, my back pack tied to my desk, sand down my back and my sweater on top of a stack of boxes... but I also remember laughing about it.
I remember Cyr's boot camp, the overturned back pack, the pencil bracelet, the warm fuzzies, and the Republican rants. I also remember respecting the hell out of that man.
I remember my shortlived attempt at playing Tennis and my subsequent small part in the play. I never had a big BYT role again, at least not a really big one. I remember my line from the play that spring. "Well curddle the cream on my corn flakes! He's gone!"
I remember sophmore year:
Mr. Mitchell and his profuse sweating. I think I read more books for him then any other teacher I ever had. Disco Jhonny Wentworth and switiching from one Math class with him to a lower one also with him. It obviously didn't solve my problem, I failed. He obviously wasn't my problem though, I failed again the next year.
I remember being the only kid in recent memory kicked off student council for a lack of attendance due to productions. I remember Dave Jefferys.
I remeber my Junior year at Brewer:
I remember the AP classes, both of them. I remember the war between the teachers and the drama that ensued.
I remember Into the Woods and the fun associated with that.
I remember that December, and the going away party I had before vacation. I remember how embarressed I was to have to walk back into class the Monday after and re-get all of my books. I remember the final going away party. The real one. I remember how happy I was to have such wonderful friends.
I remember my Brewer friends. I will never forget them. Khalan, Ashley, and Sarah are still three of the most important people in my life. I remember when we all got these things. way back in the day. I remember when we first started hanging out. I don't remember when I first befriended Khalan, but I also don't remember not being his friend outside of a few childhood snipets. I remember dozens of inside jokes, which is probably only 5% of what we had. I remember Khalan being my best friend, and the only other person who understood what it was like to be 45 in a teenage body. I remember more, but those are the subtle things.
I remember Junior year at Brunswick:
I remember the first few weeks. I remember lunches with no friends. I remember knowing absolutely no one. I remember being asked out by a total stranger on the first day of school. and the second day of school. I remember my first drama audition. I remember meeting Zoe for the second time. She hated me :-) . I remember Gavin, Megan, Joel, Stephanie, and Caleb calling me over. I remember this strange sudden instant popularity. I remember my first party. I remember who was there. Missy, Caleb, Caleb's girlfriend, and Bonnie. Poor Bonnie, she was so not with her crowd. Fate seemed to be playing cards even then.
I remember forming some of the strongest friendships in my life that were also very frail.
I remember the begging of this year:
I remember everything just seeming to fall into place. I remember everything just feeling so perfect and right. I remember falling in love. I remember every stage of how are relationship grew and I remember when I knew that I was closer to Bonnie then I had been to anyone in my life.
I remember each subsequent camp season between these years and how they helped me grow just as much as the last. And I remember my family that helped me through everything as well.
I also remember my friends, not just from Brewer, but all my Brunswick friends, even the ones not mentioned, and all of my camp friends and the brotherhood that exists there. I remember all of my friends and the connections we made. Those, I can never forget.

I used to be a cynic. I didn't believe in love, at least not as a teenager. I didn't believe in the word love. I had a fellow cynic, and I suppose we both came from pretty jaded views of what love was supposed to be. I also didn't believe in fate. It's funny how quickly things can change. I failed Outdoor Ed twice, I failed health twice, I failed English III twice, and I failed Algebra II twice. I spent five years in highschool. If I hadn't, I don't know what kind of person I would be today. My Junior year at Brunswick I did a lot of growing up. I learned a lot of lessons and I did a lot of changing, but no where near the amount of growing up and changing I have gone through this past year. Everything has changed because of my relationship with Bonnie. Not in a negative way, in a very positive way. I love her more then the air I breathe and I think that is very good. I am just a different person, that is all. I am not the same kid any more, though I wouldn't want to be and I like the direction I am going. Without Bonnie I wouldn't be here and I love her all the more for that.

In ten days my world changes again. and now I'm ready for it. I don't think I would have been a year ago. I thought I was but I don't think I could have handled it. There were benefits, also, to sticking around that extra year, thinks that make me the happiest I have ever been. To everyone who has played a part in the last 5 years of shaping me. Thanks... I really do appreciate what you've done for me.

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I know... you are all jealous.
It is clearly the coolest new icon today.


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Journalism is SO fucking boring. Honestly, what the hell. No one in this class does anything except for me. *sigh* I wish Bonnie didn't have to take computer apps.
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I went to the first debate for Republican nominees for govenor this evening. The three gentlemen who were on the stand were Emery, Mills, and Woodcock. Here is how they pan out from my perspective:

Emery- A lot of his plans are well thought out but fall short as they are built on logical standpoints that will simply never happen. Gas companies in Maine are not going to simply allow him to start pumping Ethanol into vehicles instead of gasoline no matter how hard he tries. Other things fall through as well. After talking to him personally he treated me with a good deal of respect and acted as though I was just as important as all the other buisness types in there. However, he mentioned his time working with Regan WAY too much.

Mills- Biggest idiot in the room. Sometimes he didn't say anything even close to what the question was, but I liked him more after these little side rants then when he actually answered the questions. It wasn't much better when I talked to him briefly afterward... he was combatitive and confrontational. I was very displeased with Mr. Mills and his lack of respect twoard me, a member of a key voting demographic, but whatever. His loss.

Woodcock- In my opinion, the best choice we have. I agreed with almost everything he put on the table. The great thing about state government is that almost none of it is "social" and almost all of it is "economic" which means I find an easy group to side with, at least on the state level. Woodcock is wonderfull because he understands the economics behind how things are going but on the few social issues we have to worry about his moderate to liberal, which is wonderful. He is also a former teacher and understands the value of the education system. Erin and Matt are working on his campaign and so I helped put up some signs in the room. When I spoke with himm afterward you would have thought I saved his family from a burning building and given him a million dollars. I thought he was going to build me a shrine. Although I am sure some/alot of it was political BS the conversation we had was really good and I was glad I talked to him after it was over.

When primaries roll around I am going to be voting for Woodcock because I simply think he is the best choice. I would urge you all to do the same but I am pretty sure I am the only Republican in my group of friends, let alone people that would read this.

I will, however, urge you to vote for any of the Republican candidates come November... they all had somewhat acceptable ideas and I'm pretty sure a semi-retarded 2-legged puppy > Baldachi... that guy is a Fuckass.

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I didn't really make mention of this but I figured those of you who are removed from me should probably know. My mom did have a miscarriage so there will not be a little baby bouncing around come August. I don't know if they will try again but she needs some time at least so I guess we will see. Just thought some of you might like to know. P.S.: Mom is okay now... she is feeling less in pain and the like
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Emily Skillings is a glob of peanut butter

Liz Herlan doesn't play along ever

I sold my first high-five today

Gypsy has a sticker on her tail that says "The Perfect Fast Food" and she won't let anyone take it off

all of the above statements are true. One of them isn't funny.

It's the second one

That is all

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Jamiathan the turtle

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I'm in a very reflective mood this evening.
It's really clearing my head and letting me see forward, which is strange and wonderful at the same time.
I've decided to not go to camp this summer. I was on a the fence but leaning heavily, however at this point I have decided to jump off all together. I love camp. It is one of the most influential things in my life. Camp has provided me with family I never would have had otherwise. It has been the only stable thing in my life for the last 11 years. It has been a source of good times and bad times, and has shaped me into who I am today, as cliche as that sounds. I know that I only love scouting because I love camp. I know that camp is one of the most important places in my life and the people there are some of the most important people in my life. However, I have reached an impass.
I am being given an oppurtunity to do something I have dreamed of doing all my life. I stand a strong possibility of being able to take a trip to Europe... which is exciting in and of itself, pay no mind to the company I will have on this trip; which only sweetens the pot 10 fold. This trip falls smack dab in the middle of camp.
Camp is also changing for me. This would be my first season of camp without my family. My first season of camp with someone other then Matt Randall as the director. My first season of camp as an 18 year old (all kinds of responsiblilty) and my first summer at camp where almost everyone who was once my superior and higher-up has moved on, leaving me and my era of staff at the top of the proverbial food chain.
So I am given a choice: Return for a very different, albeit still wonderful, season of camp; or take a summer off, see a bit of the world, and have my first summer vacation since I was seven (Which I only remember very small bits and pieces of).
Above everything else at camp I love the people. I don't think that will change. I think it will just make Antemberfest all the more important this year. A chance for me to see those people I love.

I've also been thinking about how this is my fifth year in high school. Everyone keeps asking me if I am ready for it to be over. I was ready for it to be over three and a half years ago. That isn't the point. I don't have to go through the mental preperation of leaving my home town for bigger and better things. I did that once. This was just an interim place. Do I want to move on? Yeah. Am I upset I had to spend a fifth year in high school? Not in the least. I truly believe this year has been the single most life-changing year for me. Turning 18 gave me a lot of freedoms and responsiblities in my own home that I had not experienced before but were still important to have happen.
Even greater an impact (as much as she will hate to hear it :-p ) is Bonnie. I am no longer looking to protect myself and my family. I have added an entirely new facet to my life. A beautiful, wonderful facet that I would trade for the world. Being with Bonnie has made me realizing things about myself and my interactions with other people that I didn't realize before. And while I may still be learning about this relationship thing I think we get along well enough that that isn't important. The important thing is that I love her very much.
So now, instead of being upset that I am leaving camp for a while, I am very happy. I am happy to let myself step back and take a break. This is my last summer before I go to college, it is my last summer under the ward of my parents, it is the last summer of my drawn-out high school life. Spending it at home is something I am looking forward too. I will miss camp come late spring; and I am sure I will visit alot this summer, but I have plenty to keep me occupied until then. I wish the 2006 camp staff the very best of luck.

I still want to take Bonnie to Chapel Rock. That is my very favorite place in the world.

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It&apos; Jumbette!

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Well, I am really flowing with Christmas Spirit right now. I had a wonderful dinner with my family and we did our traditional watching of the Muppet Christmas Carol. It's always a fun time. It makes me really excited to see the family tomorrow... it makes me wish I didn't have to work from 3-6 but I am happy for the time I will be able to see them in the morning. It is our little traditions I love. The only advantage to working tomorrow is that I will have an excuse to be in town and see Bonnie, so that will be good... but I have to work for three hours. Poo! Oh well, it isn't for much longer.
I am going up to Brewer for the 27th-30th... it kind of sucks but at least I will see the Brewer people and chill with my Dad a little (as little as possible.) Then I can come back and hang out for the remaining three days of vacation.
We are having a party at my house New Year's Eve and everyone who wants to is invited... Camp people, Brunswickians, Brewer Kids, whatever... anyone in the area is welcome to come and chill... it will be tres sweet. that was a little French I threw in there.
If you didn't already know... my mom is expecting a child. It should be showing up in August some time. We won't know what it is until the very end because that is how mom likes it but if you want to send her your love and some congratulations you are more then welcome to... I am sure she will appreciate it.
Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone can have a wonderful night!

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You know what sucks more then shoveling slush

in the rain

and hail

with no hat or mittens

in regular shoes


in one day

then going to work

and having "inappropriate footware"

because you are wearing sandals

because your normal shoes are wet

so you get sent home after an hour

to sit around your house and do nothing?



Very little.

At least tomorrow will be fun.

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So I am quitting my job at Movie Gallery, it is too corporate for my liking. They wanted me to kill myself today to get to work... no thanks. Mom said I could get a job working at the hotel she works at for over $8 dollars an hour doing basic maitnance stuff... plus, since she is works there too I will get rides and stuff, I will get lots of hours, and since she is like my bosses boss, I don't know, a cookie or something? I am really psyched because it sounds like a much better atmosphere plus more $ for an equivelent amount of work. Now I just have to leave Movie Gallery without feeling like a complete asshole... that is going to be tough. I felt bad enough knowing I might go to camp and leave them all alone this summer. This is going to be tough. Ah well, the new job will rock.

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1. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
2. Matrix
3. Sin City
4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
5. Reservoir Dogs
6. Batman Begins
7. Memento
8. Pulp Fiction
9. James Bond: Live and Let Die
10. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
11. X-men 2... I meant for it to be the first one :-(
12. Kill Bill Vol. 1
13. High Fidelity
14. LotR: FotR
15. Fight Club
16. Boondock Saints
17. Office Space

Adam Loehmann and Jeremy Turner win, Everyone else gets a pat on the back for getting the easy ones ;-)

I'm not suprised Adam won... yeah for movie store employees.
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1. Pick seventeen films you love/thoroughly enjoyed.
2. Find one screen capture for each film.
3. Post the pictures with the rules; let your readers guess which still is from which movie (Put your guesses in a comment). Screen all comments.
4. Post the answers, and pick a winner.

NOTE: If it is a series I picked the best of the series and posted that so be specific.

EDIT!! Fixed the broken ones

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I don't know why that happened.
I'm sorry if I was acting strange tonight... I think I was.
It just really threw me off... I wasn't expecting that reaction.

It's snowing tonight. It's really pretty out. Only my family is here tonight, not even a Mikey.

My fingers are numb...



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The internet is very sluggish tonight.
It pisses me off.
I have an angry face on right now...
It looks something like this: >:-0
beyond that it is just messing up.
I shake my fist at this internet connection *shakes fist*

In other news I think I am coming down with something. I have been sneezing all day and blowing my nose too. That's what I get for staying up late all weekend :-) I'll get over it... I just may be a little out of it for the next day or two, just in time for VACATION! WHICH IS GOING TO BE REALLY BUSY!! :-)

Kyle, when are you getting here and why are you not at my house yet? Screw your "real" family... come hang out up here ;-)


P.S. - This was a pretty good weekend, I got to spend time with Bonnie and that's all that really matters to me. Yeah, the show went well too... that was kinda important :-) . Good night.

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A majority of last night made me feel like an old man... just too old to understand I guess...

At least I had someone to share it with.
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I wish I could fine find my wallet...
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Neo, the "One"


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William Wallace


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James Bond, Agent 007


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I didn't even BS this... It just happened this way. Chaos
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What a hectic week only a few important things to note really.

• Wednesday marked my Eagle board of review. I blew them out of the freaking water. I got phone calls from board members that night praising me for how awesome I was. It was pretty great. Long story short... my stuff was sent away and it should be getting back from Texas within the month and I will have my court of honor in Early January probably. It will most likely be at Hinds as that is a rather large space and it is a good meeting point. That being said the Training Center only fits about 100 and I have a guest list in the 175 range. Oops. Anyway, I will give you guys more information as it gets closer.

• Thursday night I worked by myself, durring which time I was so backed up I consistently had a line of 6-8 people for over an hour and every time I helped a customer someone else would come in. The movie return box was over flowing. It was crazy. It doesn't help that we started to new rental system at work this week so no one knows what the crap is going on and everyone is confused. SWEET! That being said, while working I was offered a job as a the electronics manager at Staples and I think I am going to go fill out an application tomorrow... if they pay me more then hell yes!

• Friday was pretty freaking sweet. Got up at 4:45 to get ready for a Massachusets trip. Got to the school an hour later bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (yeah right) and headed off for the trip. I didn't compete in a single event and thus won the "chill award"(a self-created award, the best kind really) I was really happy for everyone who got something and especially proud of Bonnie for getting the award she did (which I still have) and a little sad for Santina who I thought should have gotten a better award then she did. Go Bard-A-Thon people, however, because I was afraid we were going to get shafted again. Yay! The day was baisically just hang out with my friends alot and it was amazing. We made playing cards when we could find any. Just regular cards with numbers and the four suits, diamonds, hearts, spades, and muffins. So what if I can't draw clubs... my face cards were the coolest... everyone loves the kazoo player from Queen. After it was all said and done and we were back in Brunswick, Bonnie came out to my house and we hung out somemore and it was awesome. I love her... and haging out with her... so it was awesome, even if we were forced to watch $40 dollars a day. Thank you Mikey.

• Saturday I worked in the morning filling in for Adam. Then the new girl showed up out of the blue and I called Adam and he said "Oh fuck, I forgot she was coming in. Well, just train her or something." This is like the blind leading the blind practically. It did teach me just how much I have learned whilst doing this job however which was kind of nice.

• Saturday night (yes, this deserves its own bullet)Mikey, Bonnie, and I went to the Gorham production of "The Wake of Jamie Foster" Spencer, Brenna, DJ, and Jessica Jenny kicked ass... the other three were mediocre at best. Spencer really blew me away with how halarious he was but there were lots of Spencerisms in the way he acted. "Well, I'm going to go kick my dog until it dies". More significant in this instance was that between Mikey, Spencer, Jessie, Wiley, Giddinge, and myself Bonnie got to see a small bit what camp people are like when we all get together. I love camp people, we are one being angry family that makes fun of each other. I also got a chance to meet Spencer's new "friend" Erin and Kyle's girlfriend Jacquline, Even though that bastard Kyle didn't show up! I MISS YOU KYLE! Then Mikey made really inappropriate comments and we all went home happy... except for maybe Jessie who felt at the but end of one too many incest jokes I have no doubt. She'll get over it, she always does :-) Then the three of us (Mikey, Bonnie, and I) came back to the bustling metropolis of Brunswick and the world was at peace... or something like that.

• Today I literally did nothing. Not one thing. I sat around all day. I didn't even go outside. It was great.

Mom wants me to move my computer into my room. I am actually a fan of that idea, it will just be a little out of the way whne I want to go look something up or something. I like it however because I can litterally fall into bed from my computer... so yay! Other then that... life is swell... no better then that... Awesome. I don't think I have truly updated since I got a less colorful icon; I'm proud of it. Now this journal entry is offically far too long, so I know only like 4 of you will read it. How do I know this? Because there are only about 4 people whose entries I would read if they were this long. I'm really okay with that though. Farewell you few still with me... I am going to go to bed or something... but probably not because it is still really early.

I am feeling: happy happy

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It's been a really great month.

I love you, Bonnie, my dear.

I am feeling: happy happy

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This is what I wanted least of anything.
This is what I was most afraid of when this subject first came up.
I feel sick right now. Very sick. Verge of puking sick. And I am tired.
I didn't want things to be like this at all. I was very harshly trying to avoid things like this.
Some off-hand comment that didn't mean anything makes this fun and exciting thing hurt my friends feelings.
Please ignore those comments... they mean nothing.
Those of you who know me can attest to the fact that above all else in the world I value fairness the very hightest. I wish you could have all been there to vouch for me tonight.
No matter what we decide to do... and nothing has been decided... I refuse to be elitist, snobbish, ass-holish, unprofessional, and least of all unfair to the people who I care about. All of my friends... I care about them all.
I am sorry if your are hurting, that was not my intent.
I don't run things the way they have always been run... I run things different, and I run them away that everyone will be pleased with if they take the time to understand it. I want you to be involved... I want EVERYONE to be involved.
I didn't want anyone's feelings hurt... that's why I didn't want to do this to begin with.
I feel sick.

If you don't know what I am talking about then don't worry about it... it probably isn't what your thinking and really isn't all that important yet... I just feel sick.

And I still think you underestimate me in many ways.

And I won't be better tomorrow... or the next day... or the day after, not until things are cleared up. I don't work that way.

I am feeling: nauseated upset and sick

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Okay, for those of you that talked to me today you probably got most (if not all... mulitple times *cough*Bonnie*cough*) of this rant durring the course of the day... However, I feel it is important to rant one last time on the subject and then keep it locked away and simply act and yell about it less.

We had a class meeting today... they threw some figures by us so I will, in turn, throw them by you.
The Senior class trip is expensive... it costs about $20,000. We don't worry about this trip though because somehow Mr. Gordon always finds money for the trip.
So lets get into the numbers we do care about.
Prom: Big social event for seniors. $6,000
Caps + Gowns: Really ought to be paid for by the school. $25 per graduating student. 25x250=6,250
Senior picnic: a good end of the year social event. $2,500
running tally?

Current Class funds? $2,500 THAT'S IT!!! So now we are sitting on a $12,250 debt! Is our class so apathetic they let that sort of debt pile up? What the fuck?
What are the every year fundraisers we can count on? A bake sale for about $400 and a dodgeball tournament for about $700. So that is $1,100 we don't have to worry about. Where does that put us? Oh, only 11,150 dollars still in debt. We almost made a dent. This calls for something drastic... I reach back into the Brewer High School days for an idea about a fundraiser we used to do there. I talk to Mr. Gordon about it... he agrees. We are doing a gas raffle. No student may get their cap and gown until they sell AT LEAST 25$ worth of raffle tickets. I can hear it now. "THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Well look, you were going to have to pay $25 for it anyway, this just gives us A) a chance to get the money elsewhere, B) a chance to win something for paying for our caps and gowns, and most importantly C) a chance to make MORE money then what the base is. Even if we go for the base of 25 on each student that delets the $6,250 debt for the caps and gowns... with the picnic off set by what is already in the account that means that we have $1,000 towards prom (remember, we had to spend $100 on the gas card, unless Bonnie and Santina's suggestion can be followed up upon. 5,000 dollars for prom. That is an awful lot of money. So let's spread it out... if no one else can get any fundraising done this year, then I think the senior class can handle 10 bucks a piece for the picnic... re-apply that $2,500 to the prom. that knocks us down to $3,500. With 267 people in the graduating class we can assume that some people will not go. We can also assume that Seniors will be taking people to prom who aren't necessarily from their grade. Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors will be there, as well as people from outside of our high school... other schools, graduates and the like. That being said, the price for prom is BAISICALLY fixed. so let's go with a minimum body count of the population of the senior class rounded up. 268. Bids are bought as a couple so we will cut that in half. 134. 134 bids from the $3,500 we have to make up means that each couple will only have to pay about $25. This is exactly half the cost of a bid last year. I figure, with that in mind we are doing well, but not well enough in my opinion. I challange each senior to pull some weight in fundraising this year so we don't have to fork over a cent to do these activities... if not for you then how about for the people who don't go to these activities because of cost but are too embaressed to say anything. Plus it would be cool to say "Our prom was free". I think I am running for Vice-President so spread the word and vote for me so I can have a little more control over the stuff that is going on and it will be a little easier to get things done. otherwise just help out a little bit... it will baisically rock.

In further news, I accidently swallowed two plastic beads tonight, and not at the same time... yeah, retarded.

I got beat-up at school today by two seperate teachers. I was really laughing at this girl a lot and meanly because of how incredibly stupid she is (William Shakespeare?) and Mrs. Wagner punched me in the arm for being mean. HA HA. Then I was making fun of someone/thing in the library, I think it was my journalism box and Mrs. Hipshire hit me with a ruler. It was pretty great. I should deffinetly sue. ha ha.

I am excited for this weekend... it is going to be a lot of fun.

!!T-Shirts for sale!!! Zoe and I started selling T-shirts on cafe press... buy them here because they are SO incredibly cool... Lohemann, you know you want one :-D

Other then that, things are going pretty great, but I am tired... word.

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Bah... got up this morning after a whopping 4.5 hours of sleep! WOOO. Got cleaned up and dressed and went to work at 11. I guess there was an accident over in cook's corner so we weren't as busy as Pam thought we were going to be so she let me go at 1:50 instead of three. Meh, whatever. I walked in the rain to the Saturn dealership on the corner of pleasent street and river road before Mikey picked me up... It wasn't as nice as walking in the rain before. I didn't have A) an umbrella or B) Bonnie with me so it wasn't much fun. We went to lunch and apperently the bank has to be open or something to process your direct deposit so I couldn't buy Mikey lunch like I wanted but whatever. I will pay for lunch for him someday! He will see! Then we came home and Ed showed up so we are all just chilling and playing video games and the like. If anyone wants to come join us give us a call and then come on by. It will be great. Okay, that's all... I am COMPLETELY exhausted. Talk to you all later.


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Despite my being tired at 11:00... I went to bed at 5:30. HA HA. Getting ready for work because I have to be there in half an hour. Good news is, however that I may not have to work tomorrow... if revenue is low they may say "Yeah, don't worry about it" or "work an hour or two then leave" so that is pretty fun. We will see what happens. Short of that nothing more exciting is going on. Batman Begins is freaking amazing and everyone should get it when it comes out tuesday... that movie is insane.

Have fun tonight Bonnie, don't get too emotionally wrecked ;)
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What an insane day. Had pants today so I went into school and got to hang out with Bonnie. Took a super easy math test and wrote a program for my calculator that does the distance formula FOR ME! I rock :-p Journalism was chill and I worked on my next project... THE MIDPOINT FORUMLA PROGRAM. Doesn't work yet but I am getting there. Bonnie and I went to build a "Journalism dropbox" for the games page. Go in the library and check it out... it deffinetly reeks of the skillz of an 18 year old. Trust me.
I got out at 11 (look! I am using that nifty enter key thing!) and walked into town. I got to the grass right in front of Bowdoin college and my nose started bleeding. REALLY bleeding... damn seasons. so I was squatting on the grass bleeding all over the place and pinching the bridge of my nose. My hands are covered in blood so it looks like I killed someone and the area looks like a fucking crime scene with the amount of blood on the ground. Two people stop to ask if I am okay and I say I am fine. Eventually the bleeding slows and I walk very quickly pinching the bridge of my nose to the church on main street. I slip in there and wash up a little bit because the bleeding has finally stopped. I go to work and check my schedule then Mikey showed up with perfect timing and we played a game of magic at the card shop before heading out to the house.
We hung out for a while and then I had to work so I went in. RETARDEDLY busy almost all day. Bonnie and Santina came in once when we were stupid busy and I felt bad again because everytime they come to visit I am doing 100 different things. This time I happened to be trying really hard to ring up porn for this guy and it just was not going through. Finally work started to slow down and no one was in the store so I went with a huge armful of movies and Emily comes in like a ninja and says hi. IT SCARED ME SO BAD! I almost dropped all the freaking movies on the floor... like 35 DVDs. It was crazy. But she and Bonnie, and Santina showed up and I they got to see things when they weren't REALLY busy but I still had work to do... putting movies out and stuff. I probably wouldn't have been so quick to do that stuff if I had been working with Tabitha instead of Pam, my actual manager... I like working with her more though. Mikey came in a couple of times which was fun. I wound up being .50 over which is better, in my opinion, then .1 short.
Now we are chilling at my house waiting for Kyle and Spencer... I rented Batman Begins. WOO. Oh! I have to work tomorrow from 11-3 as a bonus suprise to me I guess. but I got paid today and I have a ton of money in my bank account... atleast for me... now I want to do something to celebrate. May have to wait for next weekend for that though ;) I am off to chill... farewell.

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I have pants!
See you tomorrow!

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I am listening to: Tribute - Tenacious D

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I got up this morning and felt very crappy. I have been coughing pretty bad lately and when I woke up this morning I just felt bad. I was going to go to school, however, for no other reason then to hang out with Bonnie in the morning. I got up and took a shower and got mostly ready for school when I realized something... I didn't have any pants. All my pants were in the laundry. All of them. I had shorts; But it was freaking cold for shorts. I forgot to do my laundry and pants were not on the available list. So as opposed to subjecting you all to a pants-less me... or freezing my legs off in shorts (I suppose I would freeze my legs off even more if I subjected you all to a pants-less me wouldn't I?) I decided to take the day of rest offered to me... That is why I am going to go sleep some more. Sorry I wasn't in school today for those of you that care, I shall see you tomorrow.


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The comment started here roseforemily

A comment for EmilyCollapse )

There was no way I was cutting that down to 4300 characters... hell, it is already an edited version.
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Blargh, what a day.
First off... today was rainy... that is directly related to the rest of my day... had it been sunny the entire day would have been 100% different. Got up and played some cards with Mikey and Erol. I called Bonnie to see if she wanted to do something today and I accidently woke her up (Sorry!!) and on her birthday none-the-less. What a bastard ;). Mikey left for work and Erol and I headed into town at about noon-ish, noon thirty. My phone had no reception in the keep so with umbrella in hand I walked around main street for a little while to see what was going on for the day. After the most rediculous game of phone tag ever over the span of 45 seconds Bonnie and I got in contact and we planned to hang out later that day. I continued to stroll around for a while and then I remembered something. I had forgotten my dinner. I hadn't eaten breakfast because I didn't feel like it... I wasn't planning anything for lunch... and I was going to eat dinner at work. Opps! I forgot it. So I go to call mom. My phone dosen't work. I try again... still not working. Don't forget... it's raining. I find a phone that does work and call home... no answer. I realized what has happened... mom bought new phones and deactivated the old phones. Now I am phoneless waiting for Bonnie to call so I can figure out where to meet her... except I can't recieve said call. I pace up and down main street. Back and forth until I spot someone up ahead, probably a good 150 feet. It looks like Bonnie... but my eyes are bad, especially at a distance, so I don't want to yell until I get close. I pick up the pace and get closer and it is Bonnie! So I had a small stroke of luck. Bonnie and I hung out for the next two and half hours or so (I wasn't really keeping track of time) and it was really awesome. Wwe walked around town and stopped a few places but that wasn't really important... I was just happy to be with her. I love just hanging out with her... It was enough to make me not even care about everything else that had happened that day, or being wet, or cold... or anything. We saw a big puddle and jumped around in it. I didn't get to change my socks until 11 :-) Worth it? yes. I may have blisters but it was still far to cool to let a little skin irritation bug. Honestly, It was so much fun and I am glad I got a chance to see her today and that all the factors stacked up didn't prevent it. I walked Bonnie home eventually though so she could get warmed up. Even if you have an umbrella you are going to get wet mind you. I headed out to get ready for work in three hours. I got horribly horribly lost on the way back from Bonnie's :-D I am talking walking in circles and going the opposite way and everything... I ended up stopping on "Jeff St." and asking some old veteran for directions. ha ha. It took me about an hour from the time I dropped Bonnie off at her house (you know, walking style) to the time I got back to Main street. Ha ha. Walking past the tontine I ran into a gagle of people... well okay three people, Santina, Liz, and Emily. They were renting movies. They wanted to rent Casablanca but Bart&Greg's didn't have it so we went to Movie Gallery and I pulled the "I get to rent three movies at a time for free" card and got Casablanca... Then Santina and Emily tried to get me fired by making me get in the car and go watch the movie, which I would have loved to do but I had to be to work at 7. Liz was like a moral guide right there and stopped me from getting in the car which was the right choice; regardless of how much I wanted to go. Then I hung about like a bum for two hours in the little dog cafe, Not buying anything because I forgot my wallet at home :-/ Work started, it was okay, I was kind of tired and my feet were still wet but it was alright... I cashed out just right except some fucking lady gave me a 14.62 cent check and one dollar. so I had it in the computer as a 15.62 cent check and had a one dollar surplus. Whatever... Who cares right? Then I came home and got my ultra cool new flip phone! Sweet! 649-3577 still. Now I get cool freatures like voice activated dialing... and a flipy part. I get to get rid of the broken brick that was my old ghetto phone. I am pretty happy. When comparing the goods to the bads today it was WAY better then bad. That is mostly Bonnie's doing (thank you :) ). One other thing though, I noticed it in my X walkings up and down the street today. When it is rainy there is hardly anyone walking in the streets, and the grey clouds soften all the colors, and although everything feels sorta empty it is really nice and really calming. I love walking, and I love walking in places with buildings, and I love walking with Bonnie... so it was a three for one deal today. I was happy :-)

Happy Birthday Bonnie!


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Though I don't agree with the above quote it was pretty halarious none-the-less. Anyway, Homecoming was litterally more fun then you can shake a stick at... and when you break that saying down it is really a symbol of just how much fun I had. You can shake a stick at a pretty sizeable amount of fun... especially if there was no limit to the time in which it took to shake said stick. Assuming I gave you a shakeable stick and all the time in the world you would still not be able to shake the stick in the general direction even of all the fun I had last night. It was that much fun. Anyway, went to go pick up Bonnie, she looked really pretty by the way, then we went to the dance and met up with Santina. It was just inside the dance that one of the only two things that got to me all night came to my attention. There was a very creepy goth girl who rides my bus there in a very creepy red and black sequence dress. It was the freakiest homecoming outfit I had ever seen and I was fearing for my life. Then at one point I had my hands behind my back and she bumped into me and I totally freaked out... No smaller scale then that... yeah, it was just kind of an "AH!" yeah, pretty much... okay anyway, we hung out at the dance and I talked to Zoe, Emily, and Chris Herlan... saw some other fun people, but I spent a good chunk of time hanging out with Santina's illegal date Sam. He was pretty halarious and pulled off the smoothest hand movement of all time. Then he hoped nobody saw but I did. It was pretty great. Bonnie and I hung out for the rest of the night and it was pretty awesome. Then we went to Domino's after and hung out and told stories. It was fun. The rest of the gang left and Santina, Sam, Bonnie and I walked to Bonnie's house. Bonnie was walking barefoot because she was in heels so I took off my shoes also. We walked to Bonnie's and dropped her off and the rest of us went back to the mall to catch I ride with Mom. It was an amazing evening and I just can't say enough good things about it... thanks to Zoe, Chris, Chris, Emily, Liz, Sam, Santina and especially Bonnie. I had so much fun I can hardly stand it... now I am tired and must sleep

So tired it would seem I forget to hit post. Ah well, Mikey came over today and we went to start nerding it up all afternoon and evening at the Ravnica release tourney. We met Erol there and hung out for a while. Then we went to go get food and we saw Bonnie, Santina, Liz, and David on our walk so we went over to say hi... Bringing Mikey anywhere is an adventure in and of itself ;) Said "Hello"s and then kept on rolling back to the store to play with the AMAZING new set. It is mind-blowingly good. I came out pretty well card wise and got almost everything I wanted even though I really lost hardcore. Mikey did well though. We are going to continue to hang out though and see what's what. I don't know what is on my agenda for tomorrow but I do know I work tomorrow, which rocks... because I want to work again! YAY work! yeah, so anyway... word... I'm going to go chill with people.
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I love how all the comments on the last journal came from exactly the people I would expect them from :-)

Let me make something clear... I should be less "anti-hippie", and more, "just not at all hippie" It isn't my fault... I just yam what I yam... or something to that effect... I love each of you dearly, except for Adam (HA HA HA! You know I am joking adam... you are like the chipmunk of a brother I never had.) So here is a note to all you hippies out there... keep on keepin' on... word.

In further news tonight. I just want to point out the atrocity that is Sheep Invaders! Something like this deserves merely a "what the fuck?" Take a really old-ass game that isn't that much fun to play... you know shoot upwards at things that go across, move down, go faster... and replace the classic pixelated aliens with fucking farm animals. No, it's okay, really, everyone will support this desicion and compliment you on a job well done; of this, I am sure. Oh wait, that's fucking wrong. What the hell? And why is AddictingGames.com linking to this bull shit? come on now. This may have been addicting at one time, like in the late seventies, early eighties where your other choice was missle command or something; but now it is about as addictive as junk shots with a sturdy oak 2x4... unless you are into that sort of thing... then it is about as addictive as looking at Bryce porn... which may be a better analogy altogether. Bottom line, don't make shitty stuff.

Finally this is going to be a really exciting weekend and I can hardly wait. I wish tomorrow were Thursday and not Wednesday so I could get it underway but I guess I just have to wait. Le Sigh. Good evening to all and extra good evenings to some.

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I am the anti-hippie, I shoot hippies for fun!.

Score: -200

I am the anti-hippie,
I shoot hippies for fun!

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Ha ha ha... anti-hippie
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So I start work today! It should be exciting. I can't wait. I have been busy without anything actually happening which is always fun. Antemberfest was a great time, I had a ton of fun and it was good to see everyone. I think I am going to drop Latin II because it is really hard and I don't need it. I feel as though I got lost somewhere in the middle of last year and everyone else knows what they are doing and I am still stuck. Bonnie and I are going to Fall Fest together so that should be a ton of fun. I am excited for that. And Ravnica releases one week from today and I hope and pray I don't have to work the night of the pre-release... man would that suck. I will probably go in depth about work tonight. It is all training so I can't be all that talkative if you come in while I am working tonight... that being said, 7-10 ;) Just a little update so everyone knows what's what. I am so excited to work! Seriously!
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My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
AnTwan2005 goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as A Web Comic Writer.
brazenheart gives you 8 red cinnamon-flavoured nuggets.
embersofsummer tricks you! You get a wad of paper.
flippant_miss_e tricks you! You lose 4 pieces of candy!
iheartsexisox gives you 14 white vanilla-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
pericoentrellas tricks you! You get a used tissue.
rarolobo gives you 2 mottled green raspberry-flavoured gumdrops.
sarah_bara gives you 7 white orange-flavoured gummy bats.
the_finn gives you 16 softly glowing strawberry-flavoured wafers.
tresouiuberjah tricks you! You get a wad of paper.
whiteroseyes gives you 4 brown raspberry-flavoured wafers.
AnTwan2005 ends up with 47 pieces of candy, a wad of paper, a used tissue, and a wad of paper.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Thanks alot Khalan, you fucking sicko.
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Antemberfest begins NOW!

Happy 16th Mandy
Happy 18th Me
Happy 20th Mikey

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"I just finished everything I was planning on doing today and my friends don't get out of school for another hour"
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I feel so apathetic this year. Not a single things phases me. I really don't care about anything except I really want to work... there is a sweet magic set coming out... and that about wraps it up. I don't care about school, I don't care about the show, I don't care that all of my old friends are moving on and I am stuck behind and I don't care about moving on. I am in this sort of stasis bubble and it probably isn't good but I can't seem to shake it. Even the way I feel about people and the people I have feelings for are shifting all over the place. I am litterally just kind of floating.

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So Today was good. I was great at auditions, and I got a call from Movie Gallery, but I think I might throw it all away to run off with my Life Partner Erol! Oh well We'll see!
The Anthony!

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